Detailing Services


Reconditioning Services

Services available per day. Due to the variations in vehicle ages and conditions, we suggest you contact us to discuss the best service for your car. To give an indication of prices, you can use the following as a guideline.

1-Day Detailing Service from €250  (information)

2-Day Detailing Service from €400  (information)

3-Day Detailing Service from €600 (information)

4-Day Detailing Service from €800 (information)



Please contact me, or 086 3327865,  indicating your car's make & model, age and condition. Our expert services can be carried out on virtually all parts of the car, whether paint, glass, interior, engine, wheels & wheel wells, metal components and trim. The intensity of the service will be determined by the time-frame we have to work on your car, also the condition and the size of the car.


Ceramic Coating Protection

Super Protective Coatings are available and different levels of protection and finish are available. For new cars, Interior & Exterior Protection starts at €400.  The coatings offer hydrophobic ceramic protection so your car will stay cleaner for much longer and be more resistant to scratches. The interior will be stain resistant and much easier to clean. Please be aware that the protective coatings provided by Professional and Approved Detailers offer a far greater degree of protection than any Dealer applied warranty sealants.

Nano Coatings can also be applied to older vehicles following a detailing service. Please note that strict conditions are required before a Nano Coating can be applied to a vehicle, otherwise the coating may fail. We will need the car for a further day from the initial detailing service to apply it. 

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the careful prepping and machine-polishing of the car's paint. Removing the microscopic layer containing the marks, scratches, swirls and marring reveals a new surface from beneath making the car look new again. Because the paint is about the same thickness as a human hair and the paint type varying so much from manufacturer to manufacturer, this process is both difficult and technical and should not be completed by inexperienced detailers. We regularly receive vehicles that have been treated by other detailers and bodyshops and we strongly recommend that people carefully consider who performs the work on the car. Hiring a Professional is not cheap but hiring an amateur can cost a fortune in the end.

Levels of Paint Correction - Gloss enhancements can be performed over two or three days to most vehicles and we would suggest three days for medium sized cars and bigger, especially if they are German cars (harder paint).  Gloss enhancement is the correction of haze, wash-marks and scratches that do not penetrate the clearcoat, revealing fresh, new looking paint.

A higher level of correction is also available: DOI Corrections (Distinction Of Image) are more intense and involve a levelling of the paint to make the surface as flat as is safe to do so. The flatter the surface, the distinctive the image is that is reflected in it (Like a Mirror Image, for example).

To discuss either a Gloss Enhancement or a DOI Correction for your car, please email or call 086 3327865.



Specialist Services

Odour Treatment & Mold Remediation (Information)

Air Conditioning Servicing - extracting & filtering gas and replacing any gas lost through natural leakage.

Professional Leather Preservation - Maintain your leather in perfect condition, balancing pH, restoring tannery suppleness and protecting the finish.

Interior Coatings - Fabric and Leather Stain Nano-Protection Packages.

Lens Restoration.

Paint Overspray Removal.

Specialist Matte Paint Protection

Wheel Detailing & Protection

Engine Detailing & Protection

Our Services are bespoke and certainly not limited to the list above.

To discuss your particular needs, please contact us.