Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the difference between Detailing and Car Valet services?

A. The short answer is that Detailing is removing traces of previous ownership and protecting the vehicle against future wear and tear. Valeting is simply cleaning, and polishing the car, in many instances damaging the surfaces that a detailer needs to fix.

The long answer is that Detailing is a lot more technical. For example, a traditional valet offers a budget service where your car is cleaned and waxed.

The professional Detailer is an experienced and knowledgeable technician. We use the finest products and best reconditioning tools and techniques for your car. Car paint on different brands and models has a spectrum of characteristics. We need to know which has soft paint, hard or even sensitive paint. We need to know how thick the paint is and recognise if it has been resprayed.

On the interior, we need to know about leather - who makes the leather, whether it should be treated with conditioner, tannery oil or simply cleaned and sealed. It might need to be treated with FatLiquor or a rehydrating solution. It might need to be re-coloured.

There are some excellent car valet companies in Ireland and their service can be fine. There are a lot of bad ones though. Untrained, inexperienced staff, budget services, low-quality products are harmful to cars. A Detailer will not only approach a car with an expert eye and understand what it needs to maintain a beautiful demeanour, but we are also in a position to repair a lot of the damage caused by car-washes and cheap valets. This is why we are trusted to work on some of the most beautiful and most expensive cars in Ireland - as well as the favoured daily drivers of car owners who are simply passionate about their cars and how they should be presented to the world.

Q. What is "Prepping" of the paint?

A. Before we can polish paint, it needs to be cleaned at a pore-deep level. Basically, a multi-stage de-tox to remove metallic contaminants, other organic and inorganic particles that stick to paint, like tree sap, tar, cement, paint overspray, brakedust, raildust, industrial fallout. This all needs to be removed so the paint can shine properly.

Q. What are the stages of polishing?

A. Relatively new - (or newly detailed) cars might gain some light swirls and marks in the paint after washing, etc. A single stage light polishing will eliminate light swirls. We take care of that sort of issue in our Single-Day treatment.

Two stage polishing is required for heavier wash damage and swirls, but won't eliminate deeper scratches. The first stage polishes and the second stage restores any gloss lost in the first polishing stage.

Three stage polishing is needed where a car is badly hazed and scratched. We need to remove a very fine (microscopic) layer of paint to reveal a fresh, glowing layer underneath. This is achieved through a combination of abrasive, heat and levelling of the paintwork.

Q. Do you use natural carnauba wax?

A. Rarely. Perhaps on very sensitive surfaces. Carnauba waxes are pretty useless as far as we are concerned. They have zero UV protection, very little protection from the elements that Irish weather and driving conditions cause and are very, very overpriced for what is in the jar. They have a "large" molecular structure when they bond with paint. Most contaminants and problematic substances (bird-droppings, acidic rain) have smaller molecular structures and simply penetrate carnauba. (Its not quite that simple, but that's a brief explanation!).

Q. What do you recommend on paint then?

A. Most sealants contain silicone derivatives which are undesireable. We use sealants that have Silicon compound as the base resin. They are closer to glass than any other sealant and offer fantastic protection and deep gloss.