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4-Day Details: What can be achieved

Car paint when it comes from the factory is far from perfect. Distorted reflections and uneven surfaces detract from what could be a superb finish.  High levels of skilled polishing can bring out unbelievable finishes on cars. It takes 35 … Continue reading

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What is Leather Preservation

Having put many hours, days and maybe even weeks (at this stage!) of research and discussion into the proper care of leather, I have developed my own technique of preservation. Here is a good example of leather preservation. I would recommend this process for every set of leather but not on a regular basis. Continue reading

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Professional Paint Care & Correction

One of the most important jobs I do in my studio-workshop is Paint Correction. And this is not a service reserved for high-end cars only! I work on all different types of cars because in my experience, detailing is not just about the cars. Its about the owners as well. Continue reading

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