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What is Leather Preservation

Having put many hours, days and maybe even weeks (at this stage!) of research and discussion into the proper care of leather, I have developed my own technique of preservation. Here is a good example of leather preservation. I would recommend this process for every set of leather but not on a regular basis. Continue reading

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Leather Care, Preservation & Conservation

There is a lot of controversy about the way leather should be treated. The way I learn to take care of the various surfaces of a car is simple – I don’t believe marketing hype and if I want to know the truth about something, whether a chemical or the surface it should be used on, then I go to the guys in the back-room – the chemists, or in this case the leather chemists and tannery finish specialists. Marketing blurb is too unreliable and this is very true in the case of leather care products. Continue reading

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