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One of the most important jobs I do in my studio-workshop is Paint Correction. And this is not a service reserved for high-end cars only! I work on all different types of cars because in my experience, detailing is not just about the cars. Its about the owners as well.

I used to have a great interest in psychology, NLP and even personality profiling through handwriting analysis. It gave me a fascinating insight into the different ways people think and feel. How their world is represented to them. I even get to see it based on the type of car they drive. And even more so, in the way they like it to look.

After all, for most people the car is the second biggest investment in their life. And it makes perfect sense that it should be treated as an investment in order to get the maximum enjoyment and return at the end of its time with the owner.

The value of a car greatly diminishes when it looks like it has been owned and used (and dare I say, abused – welcome to Ireland!). Most people in this country see the car as nothing more than an appliance, like the dishwasher. They only service it in order to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. And I can’t change that with most people!

But there is a certain proportion of car owners in Ireland who are discerning and appreciate the value of the investment and I am happy to offer my detailing service to people who want the very best treatment for their cars. And when I say “my detailing service”, it is really more like a restoration service.

My most popular service is paint correction. I seem to be favoured by both car enthusiasts and people with high-end cars – the common denominator being that the cars have succumbed to damage from improper washing and waxing techniques. That means paint that is full of swirls, hazing, oxidation and light scratches.

To do the job properly, there are many things that need to be considered. How thick is the paint. How old. Who made it (the paint not the car – eg, DuPont or BASF Glasurit). How severe is the damage & what caused it. Is the paint hard, soft, sensitive, or medium. Does it require heat or abrasive to restore it. High or low speed polishing? High or low speed finishing.

Well, the list goes on and on so you can obviously see that machine polishing, when taken seriously and professionally, is not just about attending a 2-day training. I have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about car care in my little Irish brain! That is why I have become a trusted expert and work on some of Ireland’s most exciting cars. And I really appreciate the trust that people put in me and continue to place in my service.

But, please don’t confuse the service with budget-valets offered by the local shops. They do serve a purpose – they keep me in business repairing their damage! Paint correction can not be done in 2 hours. Proper prepping and correction takes at least two days. And when the paint is “perfect” again (as much as is possible anyway), I recommend protecting the surface with Crystal Quartz Nanotech Coating.

Paint Correction is done most effectively and efficiently at my workshop in Leixlip. I have a few thousand watts of lighting and special reflective paint on the walls. There are no windows so there is no light-pollution. I even have carpet on the floor, but that is for my own comfort since I am often lying down to get at awkward areas in wheels or under doors. However, for clients with adequate work and storage space, I also have a 32 county mobile service.

In the photo below, I am at a customer’s premises doing a paint correction on a Lamborghini Gallardo. This paint has its own special requirements. It isn’t robot-sprayed like a Ferrari, instead each panel is hand-sprayed at the Mirandola factory. It takes about 250 hours to paint about 4 coats on to the Gallardo, even the white models. Although this car received an Elite Single-Day Detail by myself,  it could really have had a three or four day detail to complete the work properly. (This was a quick prep for an international trip though).

Lamborghini 4-stage paint requires gentle polishing

If you wish to find out more or would like to book your car in for a paint correction, please contact me.

Best wishes.

Brian X Smyth


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