4-Day Details: What can be achieved

Car paint when it comes from the factory is far from perfect. Distorted reflections and uneven surfaces detract from what could be a superb finish.  High levels of skilled polishing can bring out unbelievable finishes on cars.

It takes 35 to 60 hours to produce jaw-dropping results. While this is common practice in other countries, Car owners in Ireland are more hesitant to relate to this high a finish. It isn’t for all people… only the brave!  The service is not just for used cars either, it can be performed on cars a few days just off the production line.

There are two types of paint correction – a Gloss Enhancement Service and a Distinction of Image Service (DOI). Gloss Enhancement basically entails the correction of surface damage to restore high gloss. However, a DOI Service is the achievement of a clear reflections so if you were to hold something in print up to the paint, you can still read it at a few metres away – hence Distinction of Image.

This should be the level of service automatically considered for high-end vehicles – ie, cars that are reassuringly expensive when they are new (for obvious reasons).  Sports, Prestige and Supercars should look amazing during their whole lifetime. Otherwise, the owners are missing some very pertinent points in owning a marque.

This is a very particular skill, quite technical and process-focused. We use some very unique techniques of paint correction that we call “Dynamic Detailing” and Laser-Guided Paint Rectification to ensure that the car is safely and responsibly transformed into a thing of utter beauty.

The service is not for Supercar owners alone. It is for car lovers, regardless of what the car is. We use the world’s finest products to deliver the most eye-catching, glossy protection as well. So why not contact Brian on 086 3327865 to make your car one of the elite on the roads.

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