1-Day Detail : What can be achieved?

The 1-Day Detail at Spirit Detailing is possibly the most intensive service available in the country.  The day can be spent on your in one of two ways, focusing either on the interior or the exterior of the car.

The Interior detail involves the use of many professional tools, including steam, high powered shampoo extractors, pneumatic and electric brushes, atomized anti-bacterial treatments, dry foam, and more. It is intended to leave the car as close as possible to the condition it was in on the day it left the production line. Forget the budget valet where your car is “cleaned” for 2 hours. We know that a restorative detail of an interior, if it is to be done safely and responsibly, will take at least 6 hours, with the remaining time taken to make the exterior look fresh as well.

The 1-Day Exterior Detail allows us to give the paint, trim, wheels and tyres a good deep cleaning using special clay and an intensive neutralisation wash process. We then dry the car and take it in for few hours machine polishing to freshen up the paint, remove hazing and minor scratches to restore an attractive gloss. The car is then protected with some of the finest and most durable sealants on the planet.

The 1-day Detail costs about €250 and is our most popular service because of the intensity of transformation.


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