Odour Treatments

We take odours seriously.

In fact, more seriously than most other companies. The reason for that is most other companies do not understand odours and how they can affect the health of the driver and/or the passengers in the car.

Odours can be caused by many different problems. In reality, anyone can treat an odour. It just takes a spray of air-freshener! You will find that most companies have an add-on service, extra to their interior valet to treat an odour. It is usually some form of anti-bacterial “fogging” machine or Ozone generator. Its the equivalent of spraying Febreze but you pay €50 to €100 for the privelege!

Here at Spirit Detailing, we take odours seriously. I know I already wrote that, but its because you need to take odours seriously as well.  Whether it is milk, vomit, urine, faeces, fish, petrol, pet-soiling, cigarette or cigar smoke, flood damage, mould, mildew, greases, rotten food or other organic matter, we have treated most of the common causes of smells successfully. And a lot of our clients had already opted for a cheap service first with someone who clearly did not know what they are doing with odour treatment before coming to us in Leixlip. And an untreated odour or an incorrectly treated odour will quickly harm your health through ingestion of bacteria and spores.

There are several different causes of odours. Some problems are superficial and some are invasive.  If a car-care professional is not properly aware of odour treatment, they can make the problem worse. For example, the source of the odour can be over-wetted and driven into areas that are further more awkward or impossible to treat.  Professional odour treatment means you know what NOT to do, as well as what you need to do.

To avoid undue exposure to toxins and bacteria, speak to Spirit Detailing before you do anything. That includes either trying to solve it yourself or bringing it somewhere for a cheap remedy. The last thing you want to do is have to replace the interior seats or carpets or worse.

We have expert procedures in place for Odour removal, Mould & Mildew Remediation and other interior problems. The products we use are non-toxic yet highly effective. However it is important that we inspect the car personally to assess the extent of the problem. We work from Tuesday to Saturday, but please call Brian on 086 3327865 to arrange a viewing of the car.




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